Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Masturbation: in terms of medical and psychological

Masturbation in general terms
Masturbation is an attempt to obtain sexual gratification by way of self-stimulation (self-stimulation). Masturbation is also referred to as masturbation, sexual self-stimulation. In the USA, the term mastubasi called "jacking off". In the UK called "wanking". The term "jilling off" is sometimes also used to mean masturbation is done by women.
 Approximately 95-97% of men and 60-80% of women admitted to masturbating. Most women never masturbate at least once in their life.

Impacts and Effects Masturbation
In terms of medical 
Masturbation will not affect: 
a. curvature of the penis 
b. size of the labia, the clitoris on a woman's genitals 
c. skin color in the area of ​​sexual 
d. differences in position and size of the testicles, also the relative size of the breasts, nipples, etc.. 
e. Masturbation is very unlikely to reduce levels of testosterone. Semen (sperm) is not the source of testosterone. Ejaculation will not cause testosterone levels to decline. 
f. Masturbation does not cause AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections. 
g. The use of sex toys (sex toys) are excessive and may result in injury or infection in male and female reproductive organs. 
h. Excessive use of sex toys and often can also lead to widening of the vaginal wall or calluses on the labium minor (vaginal lips) due to injuries that occur continuouslywhen the use of sex toys. 
i. Masturbation activities are often recommended as safe sex (safe sex). 
j. Activity that continues masturbate to orgasm can help to reduce migraine, although orgasm is sometimes also as a trigger for migraine.
In terms of psychology 
a. Masturbation can lead to feelings of guilt and sin for the culprit. 
b. Typically, male masturbation actors will experience a crisis of confidence. Then in her fear of failure would appear to have sex, fear also can not satisfy his wife. 
c. Women masturbation actors will experience "shock the soul", the bad shadow continues to haunt him, as was already not a virgin anymore, consequently became afraid to face the first night. 
d. Teenagers who have a habit and a tendency to always masturbate, then the creativity will decline. 
e. For couples who are married, one party masturbation activities will lead to feeling underappreciated, or less able to satisfy her partner on the other. In contrast, if these activities are done jointly with the spouse of legitimate / official, will cause a tremendous sensation of pleasure that animate the soul.

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